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Nidaa.. Home Love

"Nidaa.. Home Love" Trade mark registered on behalf of the Al-Basmah trading company specialized in household items which is the headquartered in Tripoli, was established in 1994 specializing in the import and export and produce the home appliances all types saluting seeks to fill every corner of your home, here it became the sole obsession is overcome all the difficulties faced by local consumer Specials Libyan consumer in North Africa .. Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc. To cover. (NIDA) elevate the level of the local market standard, (NIDAA) to satisfy customers in terms of marketing methods and after-sales services and the provision of consumer requirements between him and what it requires the Libyan market.


Considered (NIDA) brand is a registered trademark register smile on behalf of the company and the company is trying to bring some of the other brands in the coming years, to offer a wider choice to customers in the process in terms of product variety and multiplicity of quality.


"Nidaa.. Home Love" Seeks Nida ..otaattalaa ahead and spread the brand not only in Libya but soon in North Africa.