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Smart TV.

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Product Name:Smart TV.

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Product Descrption:- 42” full HD LED Display - wi-fi - 3D Sterioscopic Viwe - PVR - 4 (HDMI 1.4) inputs - 3 USB(3.0) outlet, for watching a storage movies with in a flash memory. - HDMI - MHL2.0 input - NI-CAM input, for camcorder - Android® 4.2, interface for easy usage. - Resolution:1920x1080 - Include Three pieces (PR 3D Glasses) - Include One piec (HD Glass) for clear HD view. - full Function Remote Control.

Product Model:2013

Product Version:1

Product Manufacture:الصين China

Product Capacity:42 Inch

Product Power:-

Item No:NI-EB-LT-42X