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Dish Washers

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Product Name:Dish Washers

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Product Descrption:- LED screen - Buttons with attractive character control - The possibility of manual control Palmas / Alzrar - 1 entrance to the withdrawal of cold water - The possibility of heating the water to the point (62C) - Provider lock protection system sent children - 6 operation functions: i) finishing process for washing ii) normal wash warmly (62) iii) Rinse 1 iv) Rinse 2 v) rinse with hot water (sterilized) vi) drying.    - 6 programs to run prior Alillz: 1. Wash the capacitor 2. Wash frequently 3. mild washing 4. Wash for two (60 minutes) 5. Fast wash 6. Wash without rinse

Product Model:2013

Product Version:1

Product Manufacture:الصين China

Product Capacity:6 وظائف-

Product Power:-

Item No:NI.DW.40.1M