Cool green dress with red bell


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Product Name:BE10-CM

Product Price:0

Product Descrption:60cm Electrical Built-In Oven, 64 Liters Internal Volume, Internal Cooling Fan, Up & Down Heating Elemets, Turbo Fan (0+5 Functions), Limit Thermostat, Oven Lamp, Inox Control Panel, 1 Oven Tray, 1 Oven Wire Grid, Double Layer Brown Rock Wool Insulation, Double Glass Oven Door, U Type Stainless Steel Stripes on Oven Door Outer Glass (KKG003), British Type Power Cable & Plug, Foam & Nylon Shrink Packing, Mechanical Timer, Silver Color Midajo Model Knobs and Dante Model Handle.

Product Model:2019

Product Version:2019

Product Manufacture:الصين China

Product Capacity:64 Liters

Product Power:

Item No:BE10-CM H.S.CODE