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"nidaa" brand is one of the most important brands in the Libyan market, as more than 2,400,000 buyers in the Libyan region use nidaa’s products. According to statistics from our selling and distribution centers, there are more than 2,000,000 products in several varieties and from more than one category were sold outside the Libyan market to become “nidaa” A leading brand in the field of selling home appliances in North Africa also neighboring countries such as Tunisia, Niger, Chad, Sudan and others. That is why “Al-Basma Commercial Company for importing household Materials”, which owns the leading brand in the world of Households "nidaa home appliances", launched an interactive selling application that works highly on smartphones with multiple systems such as android system, iOS system. The purpose of creating this application is to make the shopping process for "nidaa Home Appliances" an enjoyable and memorable experience and leave a positive impact for smart phone users, as the data of this application is synchronized with the data of the official website of "nidaa Home Appliances" . One of the advantages of using this application is to allocate a user-specific page, whether it is a buyer or just a visitor to browse, so the users can view the latest products of " nidaa Home Appliances" items, in addition to the prices of their items and their diversity according to the latest updates.

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